Help Wanted: Millwork Scheduler, Machine Operator


Who remembers using Print Media to place “Help Wanted” Ads, or checking them as a jobseeker to see what new opportunities might be available in your local area?

Recently I received a few job orders from a friend who is a Director with a famous local Specialty Lumber Company. After a few days of using my “super-duper” technical recruiting skills on Social Media I am convinced that the people I am looking for may not be purposefully avoiding me, but may be more inclined to check a Help Wanted Ad over searching or Facebook for links to Career Sites and jobs in their Industry. They may not even be actively using LinkedIn to promote their own career aspirations, or as an electronic version of their Resume!

My search is changing, and I am looking at Print and other Media to get the word out about these jobs.

For any skilled Millworkers, Production Schedulers, or Lumber Mill Machine Operators in the Baltimore area, willing to commute to or relocate to Baltimore County north of the City, take a look at the jobs linked below.


Millwork Scheduler:


Lumber Mill Machine Operator:



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