Interests; Affiliations; and Opinion 1

Several years ago I bought this vanity domain and have tried using it for a variety of things – my Personal Resume site; a pre- “ReZourceGuy” site; and it was my first GooglePages site (and 2nd too, I think)

After a few years I non-renewed the domain name and let those sites go to the Cyberspace graveyard.

Recently I decided to buy the domain name again and try to do a better job of putting a workable site together which could also serve as a landing page for some Affiliate Programs I like.

I use DreamHost for buying domains and hosting them; and I use WordPress for my blogging / website template. This combination has worked well with a few other sites I manage or administer, so I am sticking with it for now.

If, by chance, I am able to put together all of the programs I am thinking about for this site, I may move to another platform in the future.

For now, My blog posts will be documentation of my Interests; Affiliations; and will include my Opinion. I hope to use the sidebar to list Affiliate Programs; and hope to allow Guest Posts in the future.

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    Hi, this is a comment.
    I am saving this comment as a reminder that with previous WordPress Blogs I received thousands and thousands of Spam Comments. Let’s hope I can put in the right filters with this Blog to eliminate those Spam Comments. Okay, Mr. WordPress???

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